Beno Meskov Dvor at Stormdancer (IMP SVK)

Dob 13/09/10
KC BVA Hip Score 3/3 Total 6
DNA Profiled

A gentle and biddable boy Beno has proved a great addition to the UK  to expand our gene pool and has thrown some super pups
Beno also carries the roan gene

TOP SIRE UK 2015 and 2016


Beno Meskov Dvor at Stormdancer

Lord Kaicul

CACIB,CAC,BOB DIX zo Splavu z Hoste

Citra z Barbajky

World Winner 2009, 4 x CACIB 5 x BOB 5 x CAC CAJC,CACT Cira z Mihoslovskyych poli

CACIB,BOB,CAC Deo Hrabniky

3 x BOB,4 x CACIB,CACA,4 x CAC,R.CACT,Eur.Sieg.05 Brita z Ruzenice

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